The Blessed Trilogy is an up-and-coming series of novels written by author Sarah Creasman. This book series focuses on the small town of Blessed, Ohio. In this town, Erika Crest lives with a curse. She is going to die before she is twenty-one. Or so she's been told. Erika Crest has never been a believer. Her family believes. The entire town looks at her with sad eyes, like she is already dead. She's never been allowed to live the life she wants, and if everyone is right, she never will.

When Jayson Michaelson moves to town, everyone begins to act strangely. Her family speaks of another curse, one that is directly tied to Erika's. Erika cannot deny the draw she feels towards this man, despite the fact that he is engaged. Does Jayson Michaelson have something to do with her own curse?

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For over two hundred years, the Crest family has been plagued with a curse. The oldest daughter of every generation is cursed to die before she is twenty-one years old. Erika Crest is the oldest daughter of her generation. Her family is always telling her that she is going to die. She doesn’t believe it. She cannot die before she has lived. When Jayson Michaelson moves to Blessed, Ohio with his fiancee, Erika’s family begins to act stranger than ever. Erika has spent her entire life hearing the rumors of a second curse, one that ties into her family’s curse. Could Jayson Michaleson hold the key to breaking her own curse? Could everything her family has told her be true? Could she really be cursed to die before she is twenty-one?

Erika Crest has never been a believer. She doesn’t know what she’ll do if she finds out she’s been wrong all along.

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The Blessed Trilogy will be available for purchase between April 13 and April 15, 2012.

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